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About the Studio

Handmade Saori Weaving Studio is a Registered Saori Weaving Studio. We offer Saori classes, looms, yarns, and supplies. Although our primary focus is Saori weaving, we also teach yarn spinning and rigid heddle weaving. We carry a limited number of finished items including clothing, accessories, and household items.

At Handmade Saori, we strive to make the studio an inviting and comfortable place. Visitors are encouraged to touch and try on items (aren’t textiles best appreciated with the hands and the eyes?). Students can learn in a relaxed environment surrounded by inspiration. We have a gorgeous wall of yarn that we call the student wall. Weaving students can use any of the yarns on the wall when working on their creations.

We were very fortunate to have had our studio in the amazing Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment building in Huntsville, AL for several years. During the summer of 2017 we closed that studio and moved to Belton, Texas to be closer to family.

Our new Texas studio is located on the IH35 Corridor between Austin and Dallas. We built the studio behind our home and it is 875 square feet of fiber heaven! (At least, that is our opinion.) We have everything you need for an amazing Saori experience including overnight accommodations for creating your personal or small group weaving retreat!

Handmade Saori Weaving Studio
Cones of wool at Handmade Saori Weaving Studio

About Sarah Dauro

I have been involved in fiber and textiles my entire life. When I was very little, my grandmother always had handwork projects for me to complete. I started with very simple embroidery projects and worked up to counted cross stitch, crewel, needlepoint, and crochet. I learned to sew from my mother and I have never been without a sewing machine.

I started weaving many years ago on a rigid heddle loom. Although I liked weaving on a rigid heddle loom, I was surprised that I did not LOVE it, and I didn’t understand why I didn’t love it. With the rigid heddle loom, I was approaching weaving in a traditional manner. I was using books and patterns to create items that were replicas of what other people had made. Possibly changing the colors to suit my needs, but not really creating.

A few years later, I was introduced to Saori weaving, and then everything made sense to me. When I first discovered Saori, I thought it appealed to me because of the ready-made warps, efficiency of using a floor loom, and all the wonderful features that make a Saori loom so easy to use. The truth was and continues to be that Saori appeals to me because each project is unique. You never make the same thing twice, and each day weaving is a new chance to explore, create, and simply enjoy the process.

After my initial encounter with Saori, I took every opportunity to learn and grow in my Saori practice. The nearest studio to me was a 200 mile drive but I made the trip as often as I could. In 2013, I decided it was time for a career change and began studying to become a Saori instructor. In early 2014, I submitted my application and was accepted!

Even though I am already a Registered Saori instructor, I continue to learn new methods, techniques, and gain inspiration by attending events and classes. Most notably, I was able to attend the 2014 Saori Conference and in early 2017, I went to Japan to study with Kenzo Jo at Saori no Mori. I love continuing to learn and study and hope that I will have many more Saori related adventures!

Sarah Dauro, owner of Handmade Saori Weaving Studio

Hours & Locations

Handmade Saori Weaving Studio
12866 Stonegate Trail
Belton, TX 76513
(Studio entrance is on Benchmark Trail)

Phone: (256) 542-8363

Studio Hours:
Open by appointment only.
Please call or text 256-542-8363 to schedule a visit, if you don't have a confirmed class.

Class Hours (by reservation):

Tues - Sat
9 am - 5 pm

Other open/class times available by appointment.

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Saori Handmade Weaving Studio - Belton, TX

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