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Classes in Our Studio:

Saori weaving classes combine a mixture of weaving instruction, Saori philosophy, and independent weaving time. Although multiple people may be taking classes at the same time, the instruction for each individual is customized to their weaving journey. You are encouraged to learn and be inspired by what others may be doing but you will be working at your own pace and following your own path.

Saori Weaving Classes

In your first 2-hour Saori weaving class you will learn the basics of Saori weaving. Class participants will be weaving on a pre-warped studio floor loom. During this class, you will learn to operate the loom, the rhythm of Saori, and some fun techniques to add interest to your woven cloth.

In later classes you can choose between technique based or project based instruction.

Technique-based classes allow you to focus on expanding your knowledge of Saori techniques and practices. Technique-based classes are also helpful for those who need additional help with embracing the creativity in Saori and learning to freely express themselves. At the end of a technique based class, you leave with what you wove that day.

Project-based classes allow students to continue weaving on the same piece of cloth over several days or weekly. Project based classes can include instruction on various weaving techniques, finishing methods, and sewing your woven fabric into finished items, as is appropriate for the individual. Project-based classes also allow for more independent weaving time since the goal is a larger piece of cloth then can be completed in a single class.

Once students have learned to “hang” their own projects, they may sign up for the 2.5 hour Continue Your Project class, which allows additional time for putting the project back on the loom and removing after the weaving session is complete.


$30 for each two hour class, plus materials fee ($4 per ounce for materials used).

Saori On-Site Weaving Classes
Saori On-Site Weaving Classes

Saori Intensive Classes

For those traveling in from out of town or local students who want to fully immerse themselves in the Saori experience, we offer intensive sessions. These are longer sessions scheduled in a single day or over multiple days.

When arranging intensive sessions, we will work together to customize the class to meet your needs within the proposed timeframe. Intensive sessions are typically scheduled in half-day increments (with breaks) over a period of 1–5 days. Intensive sessions can be scheduled outside of the studio’s normal business hours.


Intensive sessions of 10 hours or longer will receive a reduced class rate of $12 per hour. Materials will be charged at $4 per ounce.

How to Register:

If you are interested in signing up for a Saori Intensive session, please contact us and let us know what type of class you’re interested in, what date(s) you’d like to book, and how many people you’d like to register for.

Saori Weaving Intensive On-Site Class

Saori Warping Intensive

In a Saori Warping Intensive, the student will create one or more warps on a Saori warping board and learn how to thread the reed and harnesses and hang the warp onto the loom. Various warping methods can be taught including threading at the loom, threading at the table, designing at the warping board, and designing at the reed.

While we will discuss all of these methods, you will typically only focus on one during a particular warping session. Your first warp will be short and narrow (easy peasy) to teach you the basics and give you a project that is quick to weave off. Warping is best learned by repetition, so ideally you will continue your warping intensive with a second (third, fourth) warp in the same session.

Warping definitely does not have to be a scary process and the Saori methods make it easy and fun! Make sure when scheduling an intensive to let us know ahead of time if it is to be (or include) a warping intensive.


Intensive sessions of 10 hours or longer will receive a reduced class rate of $12 per hour. Materials will be charged at $4 per ounce.

How to Register:

If you are interested in signing up for a Saori Intensive session, please contact us and let us know what type of class you’re interested in, what date(s) you’d like to book, and how many people you’d like to register for.

Saori Warping Intensive On-Site Class

Classes at Your Site:

Host a Saori weaving event at your location! We will bring looms and supplies to you and customize a class that works within your schedule.


Please contact us for rates and availability.

Off-Site Saori Weaving Classes


from Our Students and Customers:

Gene Black
“Great weaving studio in a fun location. Weave your heart here!”
5 Stars!
Patricia Rollins
“Wonderful time! Great place and lots of inspiring people!”
5 Stars!
Meg Manning
“Sarah Dauro is an inspiring and encouraging teacher who makes it easy to let go and weave your heart. Learning to weave in the Saori method has changed the way I look at all the rest of my life. I always look forward to learning new tricks and techniques when I have a lesson at Handmade Saori Weaving Studio.”
5 Stars!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to warp a loom?
When you come to a Saori weaving class, the looms are already warped for you. You can continue to take classes on pre-warped looms for as long as you like. When you are ready to learn to put on a ready-made warp or create your own warp we will schedule a class for that!
What will I make in my first class?
You will be making a piece of handwoven cloth. Your first class is not based on a project but is designed to get you comfortable with the loom and learning Saori techniques for making beautiful cloth. We can give you some suggestions on things that could be made with your woven cloth or many people choose to display their first piece as a wall hanging.
How much will I weave in the first class? Will it be enough for a scarf?
Everyone weaves at their own pace. Some people will only weave 8-10” in their first class while others will weave several feet. It is not likely that you will enough for a scarf in your first class, but you will be learning some fun techniques that you can incorporate in your future weaving.
What do I weave with? Do I need to bring in yarn?
We have a student wall full of various yarns in lots of colors, textures, and fibers. You may use whatever yarns you want from this wall.After your piece comes off the loom, we will weigh the piece and charge you a materials fee of $4 per ounce. This allows you to have a large variety of yarns to use without having to purchase whole cones or skeins of yarns that you may never use again. You only pay for what you actually use.Because this is Saori weaving, we often incorporate bits of yarn, fiber, fabric, or even small mementos/remembrances. If you have something you would like to incorporate into your weaving, feel free to bring it with you.
What if I want to make something bigger than I can weave in a 2-hour class?
After your first class, you can choose to continue weaving classes with either technique classes or project classes.Technique classes are similar to the first class in that you will continue to learn new techniques but go home with your weaving for that day after each class.Project classes allow you to complete a larger piece of cloth.Saori looms have the unique ability to remove a project in progress and then be able to re-hang it to continue weaving at a later time. This means that you can work on your project each week without having to “rent” a loom until your project is complete.If you want to start a project, we need to discuss it in advance of the class so we can make sure to have a loom properly prepared for you and a warp that is reserved for you and not needed for other students.
I don’t know how to sew or haven’t sewn in ages but I want to make something specific. Can you help me?
We offer Saori-styled sewing classes at the same rate as weaving classes. When your cloth is complete we tell you how to finish and wash it in preparation for making it into a project. Then, you can schedule a sewing class where you will use our machines and we will help you to make your project while teaching you about the basics of sewing, if needed, and the specifics of the Saori style of sewing.
I have a class scheduled but I need to cancel. What should I do?
We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations for work or family. However, we have a limited number of looms, and your reservation means that loom is not available for someone else who may want to take a class. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call, text or email as soon as possible.If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the regular class fee.

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