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SAORI Self Innovation Through Free Weaving


Saori Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving

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Saori Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving by Misao Jo and Kenzo Jo.

You may have also heard this book referred to as the Purple Book or the Saori bible.

This is the first book that any aspiring Saori practitioner or loom owner should acquire. This book contains the background and philosophy as written by Misao and Kenzo Jo. It discusses the looms and accessories and shows in detail how to warp Saori looms with either pre-wound warps or warps you create yourself. The Weaving Techniques section includes a number of techniques commonly used in Saori weaving. Part 3 of this book focuses on Saori sewing and includes instructions for 17 garments. The final section is titled SAORI: The Path I Followed. This section is Misao Jo's telling of how Saori came about and gives a nice insight into her vibrant personality.

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