Custom Warp for your SAORI loom


Custom Made Warps for your SAORI loom! Use the form below to select your fiber type, length, width, and colors:

Let us create a custom warp for your SAORI loom.

Using the new Kenzo warping method, we can create a custom warp for you similar to the limited edition ready made warps that come from Saori in Japan. Unless you specifically want a single color warp, we will select 5 colors, textures, weights of yarns based on the information you enter. These yarns will be used to create a warp in your desired width (multiples of 10 please) and length (from 4-10 meters long). Using the Kenzo Dividing Bar and Tabletop Beaming and Threading Station, we will beam your warp onto a square cardboard tube suitable for use on your SAORI loom. The warp will be taped to the tube at the beginning similar, to the warp that came with your loom. The outside end of the warp will also be taped across and ready for you to thread your loom using the instructions on pages 59-63 of your copy of SAORI Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving.

If you would like a texted photo of the yarns we have selected for your approval prior to the warp being created, please select the Text Approval option and include the phone number where we can text you.

If you have questions, please feel free to call (256-542-8363) or email.

We started creating these warps for a select few customers about two years ago and are happy that we can now open the option up to more people. These warps are created individually by hand in our studio to your specifications. They are not a replacement for the regular Saori black warps or the Saori limited edition warps. This is just another option if you do not yet have your own warping equipment or a studio nearby to assist you.

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